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TurisTren Tordesillas

The Turistren Tordesillas business project is a private cultural tourism initiative that aims to bring visitors closer to the cultural and heritage legacy of the Villa de Tordesillas, offering a tourist train service that will allow both a summer and winter train service Without tiring, to the main monuments of the Villa, in a one hour journey, accompanied by a recording in several languages, in which contents, history, and cultural and artistic heritage will be told. With the idea of ​​bringing both large and small to the history and heritage of our Villa, the Turistren Tordesillas business project is accompanied by an interesting pedagogical project: "Histori-Arte", adapted by experts and aimed at children who Will allow you to approach in a fun train ride to the history, monuments, and main places of the Villa, as well as a walking tour through its streets that will bring you ... CONTINUE READING

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