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The Sarmiento Awards celebrate ten years with luxury guests

The Sarmiento Awards celebrate ten years with luxury guests

A jury of experts and renowned tasters will select the best 100% verdejo wine from the 2016 vintage The Sarmiento Awards were created in 2007 promoted by the City of La Seca and supported by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Rueda. This year 2017 will celebrate its tenth edition. A special anniversary that will count on the collaboration of important personalities in the wine sector. In this way, the Lasecano City Council rewards the work and wisdom that treasures the region and that day by day makes the wines of the D.O. Rueda have reached the highest level of demand in the wine field of white wines worldwide. La Seca, with the largest extension of green vineyard within the D.O. Rueda, pays homage to this variety through its X Fiesta del Verdejo.   In this edition, in an exceptional way, the jury of the Sarmiento Prizes will be co-chaired by Salvador Manjón, Director of La Semana Vitivinícola, the magazine of Spanish wine in Spain, which was founded in 1947; And Frédéric Galtier, Head of the Brussels World Competition in Spain. The event will count, as usual, with the support of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Rueda.   This year the jury will be formed by prestigious specialists and prescribers among sommeliers of restaurants with Estrella Michelin of Castilla y León, specialized press from Madrid and Valladolid, important online prescribers, and other wine professionals, who will add a complete panel of Tasting that represents in a more realistic way the current wine market trends.   The decision of the jury will be announced on the same day of the professional tasting, and prizes will be delivered by Mr. Mayor of La Seca on April 30 in a ceremony to be held on the occasion of the "Fiesta del Verdejo". A popular event that brings together more local and provincial audiences every year. The winning wines will be present in different activities that will be carried out a posteriori both in La Seca and in the city of Valladolid.   One of the novelties of this edition will be the delivery to the wineries of a stamp so that they can paste in the prize bottles, as a recognition of the market as the best greens of 2016. The prizes will consist of an exclusive work of the Valladolid sculptor Andrés Coello, who will make three pieces for the winner the two wines with special mention. The City Council of La Seca will also promote diverse activities of profile recreation, which will allow to taste and taste the winning wines during the acts of the X Fiesta del Verdejo, thus continuing a work to extend the horizon of viticulture to all profiles of ages and amateurs to the wine.   With this edition, the X Sarmiento Awards are consolidated in the local, provincial and national panorama as the monographic contest of wines of the most important variety verdejo, being an increasingly interesting channel of communication and promotion for all the participating wineries, which Benefit from a great diffusion of the variety queen of the zone, and especially for the winners.   More information:   CITY HALL OF DRY. Area of ​​Tourism and Culture Tel. 983816318   YALOCATOYO. Wine Marketing and Communication Consulting Tel. 610841849   You can download the bases of the Prizes Sarmiento below.
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