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XOKORETO Obtains the prize for innovation in the National torrijas.

XOKORETO Obtains the prize for innovation in the National torrijas.

José Ignacio Colinas, born in Castronuño (Valladolid), stands with the award in this category thanks to ‘Torrigas‘, an original refreshment of torrijas   Holy Week already asks for passage in the calendar and, as a prelude, the National Competition of Torrijas that welcomes the capital of Leon has returned to scene to reward these delicious snacks. The vallisoletano confectioner Jose Ignacio Colinas, in front of Xokoreto, in Castronuño, has been winner in the innovation modality through its refreshment of torrijas, a revolutionary proposal that has baptized like ‘Torrigas‘ and that has managed to convince the demanding members Of the jury.  

The city of León has been the venue where the National Competition of the Torrija has been held, an event that has reached its fifth edition and aims to become a reference of this culinary discipline. The Hostal de San Marcos in the capital of Leon witnessed all the candidacies presented by more than 50 chefs from 18 different provinces, among which the original proposal of the vallisoletano pastry chef José Ignacio Colinas, in front of the ookador Xokoreto, Associated to the Rueda Wine Route, in the town of Castronuño.  

Precisely its contribution, a refreshment of torrijas of the most original that has presented / displayed under the name of ‘Torrigas‘ and a staging with winks to the vintage aesthetic of years 60, has been designated by the jury like clear winner in the Category of Innovation. This ‘frizzante torrija‘, as it has come to call its creator, is the result of beating the traditional ingredients, reducing them with milk, bottling them and adding them with a little gas, resulting in a perception in the mouth similar to the one it raises Have a coke  

This revolutionary preparation has been the fruit of four months of relentless testing and a firm commitment to conceiving something breakthrough. Fervent lover of the world of the torrijas, Colinas is proud of this distinction since "it has been a hard work, a curl the curl after giving many returns to what we present the last year, always looking for the originality and trying that the flavor and The authentic essence of the torrija is also transmitted through this innovative texture. "  

In this sense, he states that "it has been very difficult to come up with a version that was compensated, until we have achieved it, so it is a pride to have won this award among so many participants at this level and after three years of contesting."
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