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The wine Yllera Verdejo Vendimia Nocturna 2016, from the winery Grupo Yllera, has been awarded with a Great Gold Medal.   The wines of the Denomination of Origin Rueda have won 30 medals at the 24th edition of the Brussels World Contest, held from 5 to 7 May in Valladolid. These awards represent a new recognition of the quality of O.D. wines. Rueda, who this week won another five medals in the Challenge International du Vin competition held in Bordeaux.   The wine Yllera Verdejo Vintage Nocturna 2016, from the winery Grupo Yllera, has been elevated with a Great Gold Medal of the CMBruselas. Meanwhile, another 13 wines of the Denomination of Origin Rueda have been awarded with a Gold Medal and 16 have obtained a Silver Medal.   The jury, composed of 320 international tasters, has met for three days in Valladolid to evaluate the 9,080 samples submitted from 50 producing countries.     During the celebration of the prestigious contest, the tasters have had the opportunity to visit wineries and vineyards of the D.O. Wheel. In these meetings they have verified the versatility of the Verdejo, an autochthonous variety that has been cultivated for more than ten centuries in the area. In order for the members of the jury to move in time and understand the history that joins this variety with the DO Rueda, they enjoyed a period dinner at the Mota Castle (Medina del Campo), where they were able to pair the wines Of Rueda with products that already tasted our ancestors centuries ago.



•Yllera Verdejo Vendimia Nocturna 2016, Bodegas Grupo Yllera S.L. 


•Beronia Verdejo 2016, González Byass. •Castelo de Medina Fermentado en Barrica 2014, Bodegas Castelo de Medina S.A.  •Circe 2016, Avelino Vegas S.A.  •Condesa Eylo 2016, Spanish Fines Wines S.L.  •De Alberto Verdejo Ecológico 2016, Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez S.A.   •Hizan Verdejo 2016, Casalbor Wines & Spirits.  •Javier Ruiz 2016, Javier Ruiz Paniagua.  •R&G Verdejo 2015, Spanish Fines Wines S.L. •Tres Olmos Lías 2016, Bodegas Garciarévalo S.L.  •Val de Vid Verdejo 2016, Araex Rioja Alavesa S.L.  •Verdeal Verdejo 2016, Bodegas Verdeal S.L.  •La Granadilla Verdejo 2016, Sdad. Coop. Viñedos La Granadilla. •Viña Cimbrón Verdejo 2016, Bodegas Félix Sanz S.L.    SILVER MEDAL:

•Azumbre 2016, Agrícola Castellana S.C.L. - Bodega Cuatro Rayas.  •Carrasviñas 2016, Bodegas Félix Lorenzo Cachazo S.L.  •Casa de la Vega Verdejo 2016, Avelino Vegas S.A. •Cuatro Rayas Tinto Ecológico 2015, Agrícola Castellana S.C.L. - Bodega Cuatro Rayas. •Eresma Verdejo 2016, Bodegas La Soterraña S.L.  •Harenna 2015, Bodegas Garciarévalo S.L.  •Javier Sanz Viticultor Verdejo 2016, Javier Sanz Viticultor S.L.  •Monólogo Verdejo 2016, Grupo Freixenet S.A. •Mosaico de Baco Verdejo 2015, El Mosaico de Baco S.L.  •Quivira 2016, Altaencina Global S.L.  •Valtarre 2016, Sdad Coop. Valdechimoza. •Vetiver Verdejo 2016, Altos de Ontañon S.L.  •Veyovis 2016, Javier Ruiz Paniagua. •Vicaral 2016, Vicente Sanz Rodilana. •Viña Pérez Verdejo 2016, Bodega Valdehermoso S.L.  •Viña Sanzo Sobre Lias 2014, Rodríguez Sanzo S.L.
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