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Discover Medina Subterránea (Underground Medina)

Discover Medina Subterránea (Underground Medina)

Medina Subterránea was the third edition of the joint project between the Association of Photographers Aficionados Medinenses (AFAM) and the City of Medina del Campo, which this time focused on a small approach to the most hidden heritage of the Villa de las Ferias .

Bodegas and singular spaces of monuments of Medina have been photographed by more than a dozen medinenses lovers of the photography and of its town, presenting here a selection of the results obtained in a project that seemed complex by the light conditions and accessibility of The photographed spaces.

This project formed part of and one of the first stones of an ambitious project to invent and value this underground heritage in the framework of the Rueda Wine Route and the URBACT City Center Doctor Project and INTERREG EUROPA Rural Growth.

For more information and to make specific visits to this heritage you can contact the Local Development Service of the City of Medina del Campo (983812481 -
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