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A videomapping show, main novelty of the 500th anniversary of the visit of Carlos V to Mojados

A videomapping show, main novelty of the 500th anniversary of the visit of Carlos V to Mojados

Theater, falconry and a representation of music and lighting completed the program the first weekend of July

The town of Mojados in Valladolid hosted a "unique videomapping show" in the framework of the event ‘Mojados, heart of an empire‘ that had been take place during the first weekend of July and which celebrates the arrival of Carlos V to the municipality does 500 years.

In particular, the municipality of Valladolid returned the weekend of June 30 and July 1 and 2 to the Renaissance to receive the Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany and his brothers Leonor and Fernando in the historic recreation ‘Mojados, heart of An empire ‘.

During the weekend hundreds of neighbors and visitors weared period dress to participate in the procession of Carlos and Leonor or Fernando and to witness the encounter that both brothers held in 1517 in Mojados.

One of the novelties of this edition was the light show, mapping and circus, created exclusively for Mojados by Rodrigo Tamariz Music & Mapping, Valladolid artist pioneer in this type of shows with which he has traveled to countries like Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico or Ecuador, among others.

The performance was taken place twice in the Plaza de Santa María. The first pass was taken place on Saturday from 00.30 hours with the inclusion of pyrotechnics. The second session was scheduled for Sunday and will feature the participation of the Kull D‘Sac group and the IESO Ribera del Cega chorus of students from the municipality.

The show, which participates in the Video and Mapping Festival of Castilla y León, was have a unique technology in Spain in laser projection systems of 30,000 lumens. "It‘s going to be a sensational spectacle. I am sure that the attendees will enjoy a lot ", said the mayor of Mojados, Adolfo López Ramiro.


The program will count for the second year with the participation of the bars of the municipality that will offer a spike of Carlos V. ‘Wet tapas! Heart of an empire ‘puts at the disposal of the visitors a tapa and a drink for 2.50 euros so that they can eat after enjoying the program elaborated by the City council. "After the success of last year we wanted to maintain this gastronomic offer for all neighbors and visitors," said Adolfo López.

The activities will begin on Friday with the opening of the Renaissance Artisans Market, in the square of Santa Maria, from 20.00 hours. The market will remain open throughout the weekend.

On the same Friday, June 30, at 10.30 pm in the Plaza de San Juan will be the inauguration of the event by its retirees, history teachers Carlos Belloso and Claudia Möller. Next, the performance of the play ‘Mojados, heart of an empire‘ written and directed by Javier Esteban and represented by the theater group ‘La Tramoya de Mojados‘ will take place.

The day will be closed with the sound and lighting show ‘Sensaciones de Carlos V‘, directed by MdelRio, in the Plaza de San Juan.

On Saturday, after opening the market at 11.00, attendees can enjoy the historic camp, with period games and troop parade, organized by the Cultural Association Cristóbal de Mondragón.

In the afternoon the main event will take place. From 21.00 hours will begin the parade and parade of the comitives of the infants Charles and Ferdinand of Habsburg and will proceed to the meeting of the royal courts and the imposition on Fernando of the ‘Toisón de Oro‘ in the Plaza de San Juan.

After the sound and lighting show ‘Sensaciones de Carlos V‘ in San Juan Square, the first videomapping session will be held in the Plaza de Santa María.

On Sunday, after the opening of the market, there will be a Renaissance Mass, officiated by the parish priest of the town and sung by the choir ‘Villa de Mojados‘, in the church of Santa Maria, as well as an exhibition of participatory practices and exhibition of Birds of prey in charge of the Eagles of Valporquero, in the square of Santa Maria.

In the afternoon there was be a farewell to the Royal Courtship with Renaissance dances and a new exhibition of falconry. In he church of Santa Maria was hosted a concert offered by the choirs Villa de Mojados and Voces Amigas. Finally, at 10:30 pm, the event will be closed with the second videomapping session, which was feature Kull D‘Sac and the IESO Ribera del Cega choir.


Without knowing it, Mojados welcomed in 1517 to two future emperors, the brothers Carlos and Fernando; The future queen of Portugal, Leonor, and Hadrian of Utrecht, who years later would become Pope of the Catholic Church. It was at this meeting, and hence its importance, in which Fernando recognized his brother Carlos as King of Castile, thus giving rise to the Empire where the sun did not set.

In this regard, Adolfo López Ramiro said that the meeting is one of the "most important" cultural activities of the town for the collaborative work of the neighbors, without which ‘Wet, heart of an empire‘ could not be done. "It is a party of the neighbors, who participate and collaborate in the organization of the meeting aimed at everyone who wants to come and see us this weekend," he has defended, while he wanted to thank all those involved for the effort made during the last Weeks.
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