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European Wine Tourism Week on the Rueda Wine Route

European Wine Tourism Week on the Rueda Wine Route

From November 3 to 12, Rueda Wine Route will bring the wine culture closer to all its visitors with a multitude of options for all audiences




Free visits, open days, tastings, practical and educational activities or nature are just some of the proposals that several of the partners that make up the Rueda Wine Route -municipalities and various establishments- have prepared to celebrate the Day European Wine Tourism, which will take place on November 12th. In addition, this will be the first year in which all the Routes of the Wine of Castilla y León, in collaboration with the Junta de Castilla y León, celebrate the Enotourism Week. They will do it with the best gastronomy, since several restaurants have prepared special menus inspired by this time of year, the autumn, always with local products of the land and paired with D.O. Rueda, within the framework of the Gastronomy Board of the Junta de Castilla y León.


With a wide variety of proposals of different nature for all visitors, the Rueda Wine Route prepares the arrival of its big week with the celebration of the European Day of Wine Tourism, an initiative promoted by the European Network of Wine Cities (RECEVIN) with the aim of making known the richness of the wine culture and that is celebrated simultaneously in all the wine regions of Europe, next November 12th.


In addition, for the first time, the Rueda Wine Route will celebrate Enotourism Week along with the rest of the Wine Routes of Castilla y León, between November 6 and 12, in collaboration with the Castilla y León Regional Government. It will be a week in which gastronomy is the protagonist, since, in collaboration with the Board of Gastronomy of the Junta de Castilla y León, several of the restaurants associated with the Route have prepared menus with local products as an epicenter and inspired by the autumn. Among them are El Hontanar, from Castilla Castilla Balneario de Olmedo; La Botica de Matapozuelos, with its special menu ‘Un paseo por el entorno‘; El Mesón de Pedro and the restaurant of the Gran Hotel Balneario Palacio de Las Salinas.




The most gastronomic European Wine Tourism Week will also take place in Matapozuelos, from November 6 to 12, with the ‘Pastry and Wine Fair‘, organized by La Giralda de Castilla Reposteria and the Mesón de Pedro restaurant. Its highlights will occur on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, two days to enjoy tasting wine and vermouth or gourmet breakfast with sweets made with wine.




In addition, the Xokoreto confectionery, in Castronuño, has created this year the first donuts made with Verdejo DO Rueda, which will continue to be offered during the Wine Tourism Week, days during which the wineries will also introduce some gastronomic aspect in their special visits.




In this sense, several partners of the Rueda Wine Route have launched various initiatives to commemorate this day by promoting and boosting the Enotourism. Thus, Bodega Cuatro Rayas has organized two activities that will take place on Saturdays, November 4 and 11. In the first of them will take place 61 Vermouth & Live Music, a day in which the passion for the verdejo and for the music will be united through the concert of Cover Club Acústico, which will put the musical note to the vermouth tasting of the winery and a visit to its facilities, while on the 11th the 7th Study Session on viticulture and enology ‘Bodega Cuatro Rayas‘ is reserved. Four success models: cooperativism, sustainability, communication and wine.




Also the Winery Emina Rueda, in Medina del Campo, this year offers its experience of tasting musts, as well as wine and oil, as well as a tour of the process of winemaking and a garden of varieties. And only available in November, harvest time, we offer a visit to the olive grove of Almazara Oliduero and the olive will be collected, as well as a guided visit to the oil mill and tasting the different olive varieties and 4 different types of oil, together to tasting Artisan Breads and Cheeses.




Finca Montepedroso Winery will offer a visit with subsequent wine and cheese tasting in the area. For its part, Bodega Diez Siglos de Verdejo will open its doors on Saturdays 4 and November 11 and, from Friday 3 to Sunday 12, for each box of wine that is purchased in the winery will be given a bottle of its emblematic Ten Centuries Fermented in barrels 2011. The Reina de Castilla winery has prepared a visit for its vineyards, which will precede a tour of its facilities and a tasting with an aperitif of five of its wines. Attendees will receive a bottle of Verdejo as a gift.




Bodega Valdecuevas will do the same through a very didactic wine experience where the senses will play a very important role. With the question ‘Are you a winelover?‘ The participants will make a premium visit to the facilities, accompanied by their winemaker, who will make them contact the world of wine and direct the subsequent tasting of four wines and EVOO that they can enjoy.



Also Bodega Muelas de Tordesillas, will make a 50% discount on visits to the winery on Sunday, November 12, on the occasion of the European Day of Enotourism.


In La Seca, on Sunday 12, from 10.00 in the morning until 3:00 pm, ‘La Seca, Copa en mano‘ will take place. Five hours, five wineries, five wines to taste and all this, glass in hand, will allow you to discover the ecological care of the vineyard (Bodega Isaac Cantalapiedra), some of the most innovative vinification techniques on the market (Bodega José Pariente) and the wine heritage It has reached our days through the underground cellars within the population center of La Seca with visits to Menade, Campo Elíseo and Solar de Muñosancho.



The Tordesillas City Council, through its Tourism Office, will give visitors a detail for children, consisting of a plan with activities. In addition, the exhibition ‘Memento Regis. Carlos I ‘is already open to the public at the Real Monasterio de Santa Clara for all those who want to know more about this milestone, which centers a good part of the Ruta‘s cultural agenda.




In this sense, on Saturday, November 4, a day dedicated to commemorate the Anniversary of the V Centenary of the first trip of the Emperor Charles V to the Kingdom of Castile is reserved. Several events will take place from 11 a.m., including a presentation at that time, the raising of the imperial flag at 12 noon, a sample of the reign of Carlos V at 1:00 p.m. Main course: the show of light and sound -videomapping- "The light of an empire", which will take place on the façade of the Casas del Tratado at 8:00 pm and which will precede the Tucan Brass orchestra, which will put the musical note in the Plaza Mayor starting at 22.30.




For its part, Nava del Rey invites you to visit the underground ‘Bodega de la Inquisición‘ on November 12, free of charge, at 12.00 and at 17.30. Rueda also joins the party on Saturday, November 11 at 11.00 with a guided tour of the Enological Station of Castilla y León, which includes wine tasting at the Tourist Office of the Villa.




The City Council of Medina del Campo and Aster Magonia will highlight the cultural heritage through the European City Center Doctor program, conducting a series of guided tours framed within ‘Underground Medina‘, which will tour three underground wineries in the historic center of the villa, scheduled for Saturday 11 at 11.00 and Sunday 12 at 11.00 and 13.00.



In addition, the Rueda Wine Route will present its equestrian, hiking and mountain bike route that will be inaugurated in November, in the context of this European Week of Wine Tourism. It is a pedestrian circular circuit between vineyards, between Medina del Campo, La Seca and Rueda. It is a new resource that will also be the first equestrian and hiking route approved by the Royal Spanish Horse Riding Federation and the Mountain and Hiking Sports Federation of Castilla y León.

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