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Medina del Campo

Los Quesos de Juan

Cheeses Juan is the realization of a dream, the illusion of a marriage passionate about the world of cheese he understood there was a major shortcoming in the province of Valladolid, since there was a reference site where you can access cheeses craftsmen from different regions of Spain and neighboring countries.

Thus he was born in January 2014, a space dedicated to the artisan cheese in which you can also enjoy wine tastings accompanied by wines from the D.O. RUEDA.

In our shop you will find over 50 references, always in the best condition,  then propose a space where cheeses lie on wood until its sale, and conditions of temperature and humidity.

We have tried to reproduce the conditions of chambers or caves tried in the store, so that the cheese is in perfect conditions when you come to try it.

Nava del Rey



Quesería Campoveja

Why don‘t you make yourself the cheeses so they all come out more alike? That‘s the question that made ​​Uncle Grandpa Luis Felix. In 1952, Grandpa picked cheeses of all pastors in the area, which then made ​​their own cheeses and sent to Barcelona, ​​where the uncle Luis marketed.

At the request of Uncle Felix began collecting milk and produce cheese himself. Years later his sons collected the witness, and in 1969 created the current company. Publicly since 2002 is run by the grandchildren, brothers Esteban Sanz.

In its early years, this third generation main objective was to continue making great cheese. A quality and artisan cheese. An authentic Castilian cheese made from raw sheep‘s milk. After those early years and achieved that first challenge, gave way to new goals: diversity, rewards and experiences very specialy Campoveja Experiences. CONTINUE READING


Confitería Xokoreto

Xokoreto was born in 2013 with the aim of creating innovative pastry without forgetting the traditional and typical of the area, satisfying the demand not only of tourists, but of the residents of the town who day after day replace their pantry with our products. Located in Castronuño, framed in the only Natural Reserve of the province of Valladolid, Riveras de Castronuño-Vega de Duero, it is 60 km from Valladolid and 70 km from Salamanca.   The word Xokoreto means chocolate in Japanese. In addition to managing the confectionery, José Ignacio Colinas works as a teacher at the International Cooking School of Valladolid and is a trainer of the National Reference Center of the SEPE in the bakery and pastry specialties. He has participated in several competitions at national level, being some of them Soria, Madrid and Valencia, being in this last Third finalist in the categories of ... CONTINUE READING


Le Boutique Repostería y panadería

Le Boutique is the personal project of the youngest generation of a family that has been dedicated for many years to the world of pastry and bakery in Valladolid and province. With this new opening, materializes the bet of this new generation of confectioners to bring new concepts of high confectionery and artisan bread making to Mojados (Valladolid), yes, with a very different and careful touch, where the quality of the product, the process of traditional elaboration, together with current techniques and flavors studied to the last detail will be the protagonists of a family worker, but with a very international and delicate idea.   Le Boutique is an indispensable stop in the municipality of Mojados to delight with the best modern gastronomy with traditional roots.


Granja Cantagrullas

The name of the farm is eloquent. One day, by chance, we hear of the "stream of Cantagrullas" to a neighboring village. Looking for possible sources find that it is a place name in this region Ataquines area, the municipality with Ramiro bordering the south. It is a place where they usually kept the cranes rest on their long migratory journey from North Africa to Central Europe and the Nordic countries and vice versa.This name refers to the songs that make these birds when they travel in large flocks. Over the years the cranes stop here less and less because the water level has decreased and Lavajos that once characterized the landscape no longer form, except in very wet years.    Thus, coining the name Cantagrullas our project, we want to claim a respectful way of life with the environment that sustains us.Rescued the good traditional and craftsman do, acquired over several ... CONTINUE READING