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Quesería Campoveja

Quesería Campoveja

Why don‘t you make yourself the cheeses so they all come out more alike? That‘s the question that made ​​Uncle Grandpa Luis Felix. In 1952, Grandpa picked cheeses of all pastors in the area, which then made ​​their own cheeses and sent to Barcelona, ​​where the uncle Luis marketed.

At the request of Uncle Felix began collecting milk and produce cheese himself. Years later his sons collected the witness, and in 1969 created the current company. Publicly since 2002 is run by the grandchildren, brothers Esteban Sanz.

In its early years, this third generation main objective was to continue making great cheese. A quality and artisan cheese. An authentic Castilian cheese made from raw sheep‘s milk. After those early years and achieved that first challenge, gave way to new goals: diversity, rewards and experiences very specialy Campoveja Experiences.


We propose a guided tour of our facilities through which you will know as sheep cheese is made, as refined, sets an artisan cheese, you will learn about cheese and looong ... you‘ll enjoy !!!.

We will teach you: The processing room, from which diferenciarás milk cheese from raw sheep cheese Cava Where our Castilians mature cheeses, where campoveja The Smokehouse Smoked winning author smokehouse, The Hall fining CCL where washed and refines latest creation: Campoveja CCL.

But we will not go there ... .nada better taste our cheeses to live a full experience.
In our tasting room enjoy:

The curds, old and aged cheeses reserve Castilian, the purity of our Spanish sheep‘s milk cheese made​​. Smoked cheeses and washed rind author, big winners at each tasting for its great distinction and taste. A complete tasting of 5 campoveja cheeses, where you will learn all about the cut, cheese boards, their tasting ... and want to know everything ! More Information