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Castronuño is a municipality located southwest of the province, 56 km from Valladolid, surrounded by the largest meander that describes the river Duero. Nearby also, to Toro, Tordesillas or Medina del Campo.

Las Riberas de Castronuño were declared a nature reserve in 2002 as a breeding ground and shelter for a great variety of species, some of them threatened like the imperial heron or the marsh harrier. It is the only protected area in the province of Valladolid. The Casa de la Reserva, located in the La Muela Park, welcomes visitors who want to discover this natural park.

Among its other tourist resources is the Church Santa Maria del Castillo, located in the same park. It was founded in S-XIII by the prior Hernán Rodríguez de Balboa to host the meetings of the Military Order of the Hospital of San Juan de Jerusalén and as funerary space for him and the other commendadores. It is a late-Romanesque building that houses a christ of the so-called "pathetic crucified" of the S-XIV. His posture makes him a very unique size.

Other attractions include hiking trails such as La Senda de los Almendros, La Ruta de la Cañada (ideal for cycling), the GR-14 or the Camino de Santiago de Levante. There is a hostel for the pilgrim‘s rest.

The construction of the San José Reservoir makes possible the existence of a river beach, perfect for cooling off in the summer season, and there is a water park very close to the beach.

In one of the margins of the river, there is the Castronuño Sport Fishing Scenario that has 45 wooden stalls for the fans.

In the village there are many cellars dug in the ground in which it continues to elaborate the wine in a traditional way. In Castronuño they still cultivate the Albillo Real grape variety, native to the area.