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Hornillos de Eresma
Hornillos de Eresma is located 35 kilometers from the city of Valladolid, next to the river Eresma, surrounded by all of pine forests. It is precisely this river, one of the most attractive places in the area, since apart from being a vergel, it presents a beach, known as "Valdigüete". Between its old brick and adobe hamlet, stands out its only building of some relevance, the Church of San Miguel.   It is a baroque, seventeenth-century building, including its tower. Only the cross at the entrance is of stone. In the interior they emphasize three baroque altarpieces and the one that is located in the main altar houses the image of San Miguel Arcángel, a work of the imagero Juan de Juni.   On August 24, they celebrate the festivity of San Bartolomé, where the verbenas, the games for the little ones and all kinds of cultural and sports activities make up the party poster, always without forgetting the rocks that fill the streets with color.   Previously, the Virgen de la Luz will be celebrated on June 1, where a crowded snack is organized in the countryside and then a lively dance.   The natural surroundings next to the Eresma and its pine forests, make the accommodation in the rural tourism houses ( of the town is the most desirable.