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La Seca

Bodegas Protos

Campo Eliseo

Campo Eliseo

The vineyard to the bottle, we invite you to live the life experience Green Campo Eliseo. A trip through great wines, the terroir of Rueda and our passion for Verdejo, in a historical place.Located in the center of the town of La Seca (birthplace of Verdejo), we are in a XVIII century manor house, in the purest Castilian style. Behind the high walls surrounding the property, in the garden of the house itself, a new production winery rises with the latest technology for the vinification of great white wines.The secret of the cellar is 10 meters underground, in our underground caves. historical galleries, renovated housing the barrels, ovoid foudre and concrete tanks in which vinificamos and age our wines.Campo Eliseo is a dream come true in which Francois Lurton recognized Bordeaux winemakers, Dany and Michel Rolland have managed to combine tradition, innovation and history in the ... CONTINUE READING


Medina del Campo

Emina Rueda (Bodegas Familiares Matarromera)


Bodega La Soterraña

Bodega La Soterraña

Bodega La Soterraña came up with the only purpose of making white wines of excellent quality  from the D.O Rueda. It owns vineyards of 25  to 60 years of age and state of the art technology for the elaboration of quality wines.

The winery is located in the  historical and charming town of Olmedo, land of kings and knights and quality wine growing area within Rueda Apellation.

Since the beginning, the Bodega La Soterraña´s wines (Eresma, V&R y 77)  have been national and internationally awarded and recognized for wine guides and spetialized press, leading the top quality wines within the D.O Rueda      for its complexity, elegance and expressivity.



Bodega Ramón Bilbao

Bodega Ramón Bilbao

    773/5000   Located in the unique spot of Las Amedias, at 700 m altitude, Bodega Ramón Bilbao starts an exciting journey through wine in the town of Rueda. Surrounded by a 60-hectare estate in which the Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc varieties have been carefully planted, the winery has modern facilities where its wines are made in various materials (stainless steel, wood foudres, concrete tanks and barrels of different origins of oak), bringing complexity and elegance to the wines.Through the visit to the winery, we will discover the characteristics of our vineyards and the secrets of the elaboration of our wines, ending with a branch tasting and a commented tasting of our wines.SOCIAL MEDIA:





Bodega Valdecuevas (Grupo Valdecuevas)

Bodegas Menade, S.L.

Bodegas Mocén

Bodegas Mocén

Wineries Mocén, a Spanish winery located in the center of the town of Rueda, was acquired in 1988, when restoration work for the rehabilitation of old underground galleries dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries began, therefore, over five hundred years. This marked the beginning of a blueprint of the area, with the recovery, cleaning, calibration of the stones and red bricks, symbols of a Moorish heritage in a labyrinth of caves, at a depth of 25 meters and a total length of 4 kilometers. Where temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year, they are the ideal setting for wine to undergo his rest period. For this, small niches, iron bars or racks have been made, offering detailed flavor and a good environment for walking through them. Mocén also has ancient deposits of Spanish chestnut trees, which were used as storage containers large, and that today are ... CONTINUE READING

Bodegas Viore (Bodegas Riojanas, SA Grupo)

Finca Montepedroso

Pagos del Rey


Bodegas de Alberto

Bodegas de Alberto

Bodegas De Alberto is one of the most striking examples of preservation of traditional wine production legacy in Spain. Located in the heart of Castilla y León and DO Rueda, Bodegas De Alberto is located in an old farmhouse founded by the Dominican Religious Order in the 17th Century, where the old art of winemaking has been kept for more than 350 years. Bodegas De Alberto have been acquiring the know-how of several generations and incorporating, over time, the most modern production systems to satisfy customers that today are spread all around the world.

Enter our 17th-century underground cellars, more than a kilometer deep in the Serrada subsoil, and get to know the great wines of Rueda Denomination of Origin.


Bodegas Val de Vid

Diez Siglos de Verdejo,

Diez Siglos de Verdejo,

More than just a winery, it is a dream come true. By the perfect combination of technology and innovation with hard-work and respect for the tradition, we strive each day to produce

the highest quality Verdejo – which we feel, is the best wine variety in all of the world. Our winery, built in 2010, is located in Serrada, a small village not far from the region capital Valladolid (24 Km). We have 380 Ha of vineyards, located 750 meters above sea level and in the northern area of D.O. Rueda.

The modern facility is able to produce 4,000,000 million litres of wine per vintage, thanks to our top of the line equipment. Although our standard variety is 100 % Verdejo, we also take pride in the rest of our range – including rosé, barrel – fermented Verdejo, and our partially fermented Frizzé “Canto 5” among others.



Bodegas Copaboca

Rubí de Bracamonte

Bodega Verderrubí

Villanueva de Duero

Villaverde de Medina